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Data Breach Claims

Under the GDPR regulations you can claim compensation if your data was lost, leaked or exposed. Are you a victim of a data breach? Contact the team today!

What Is A Data Breach?

A Data Breach is when personal information is exposed to a third party without consent.

Name, Address, Financial details, Personal Identification documents, medical health information etc are all considered personal information. If any of these were lost or leaked, that would be considered a data breach.

The loss to a victim of a data breach is not just financial loss, but any stress or anxiety caused due to the breach can also be classed as a loss.

What Can I Claim For?

Work accident claims are very unique. The amount of compensation paid depends on several factors. Claims for work place injury compensation may include but not limited too;

  • Medical Expenses
  • Damages for pain, suffering and loss of amenity
  • Loss Of Earnings
  • Travel Expenses
  • Other Expenses

We recommend keeping track of all expenses that you may incur.

Do Companies Have The Correct Protection In Place?

When businesses manage millions of data sets, individuals can become numbers and they can put people at risk of:

  • Identity Theft
  • Fraud
  • Discrimination
  • Financial damage

You entrusted them with your personal information and they could be letting you down. According to the GDPR laws, you could be entitled to claim compensation. Even, if you did not necessaryaly lose any money, you could potentially claim for the invasion of privacy.

Examples of data breaches

  • Personal data has been misused or mishandled.
  • Financial details stolen to obtain credit cards / loans.
  • Personal information disclosed to an unauthorised third party.
  • A business or organisation has had their data leaked.
  • A business or organisation failed to keep their records up to date.
  • Your personal information has been stolen, lost or even hacked.

Steps to keep safe following a data breach

✓ Contact your bank to monitor any unusual transactions.
✓ Cancel and replace debit or credit cards
✓ Report any phishing attempts to the authorities..
✓ Monitor your credit report by registering with credit reference agencies.
✓ Register with the CIFAS protective service. This can slow down any credit applications.
✓ Don’t give any personal information out over the phone.

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