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At Hadi Law, we can provide fast, effective legal advice and representation if you are facing deportation or administrative removal. Removing people from the UK is a highly contentious issue and often attracts media interest. Our Immigration Solicitors will protect you throughout the entire process and work tenaciously to block any attempts to deport or remove you.

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As well as our ability to achieve positive results, our clients appreciate our honesty and integrity. If it is simply not possible to fight a removal or deportation order, we will let you know and examine other legal routes available to you once you have left the UK. Our Immigration Solicitors will keep you constantly updated as to the status of your case and are always available to answer any questions.

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What is the difference between deportation and administrative removal?

Although deportation is the term applied to any situation involving a migrant being forced by the Home Office to leave the UK, deportation actually refers to the removal of a person from the country for the ‘public good.’ Therefore, deportation normally applies to migrants who have been convicted of a criminal offence and have served 12 months or more in prison.

Administrative removal applies to those who do not have a legal right to remain in the UK, for example, their visa has expired or their application for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) has been refused and all rights of appeal exhausted.

Can deportation or removal orders be challenged?

A deportation order can only be challenged via a human rights claim, for example, you can argue that deporting you to your home country will result in you being subjected to torture or detrimental treatment (prohibited under art.3 of the European Convention of Human Rights). If you are currently being held in immigration detention, you only have five days after receiving the deportation order to appeal. If you are not being held the appeal must be made within 28 days.

If you are waiting to hear a decision on an appeal against a visa or ILR claim you cannot be removed from the UK and the same applies to those expecting to hear whether or not they have been granted asylum.

What if I have no right to appeal deportation or removal?

Bringing a Judicial Review claim may result in the Home Office being prevented from deporting or removing you from the country. Our Immigration Law Solicitors will carefully examine your case and advise you on whether or not applying for a Judicial Review is a sensible option. If the answer is yes, we have the experience and expertise required to make persuasive representations to the Court and we will leave no stone unturned when it comes to demonstrating why the Home Office’s decision to remove or deport you was illegal, irrational, or procedurally unfair.

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Hadi Law Solicitors have advised and represented thousands of clients across England and Wales on administrative removal and deportation. We are committed to providing you with honest and affordable advice, representation, and legal services. You can be confident that by instructing us, we will tenaciously pursue every avenue to achieve a successful result

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