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Drunk In Charge – Case Dropped

Our client had been out and consumed alcohol. He had lost his house keys so decided to go to his vehicle and sleep in the car. Our client had no intention of driving the car. When he woke up later that morning he was surrounded by the Police. He was arrested and taken to custody. Our client was later charged with drunk in charge of a vehicle. The client then instructed us to represent him in his case. We reviewed the evidence and believed our client had no intention of driving so we decided he should plead not guilty. Before the hearing we contacted the police with our evidence and the police decided to discontinue the case due to lack io evidence. The client was very happy with the outcome and we believe justice was served.

More Case Studies

Exceptional Hardship – Client Win

Exceptional Hardship – Client Win

Our client Mr Y was caught speeding in London which put him at risk of a 6 month driving disqualification. To make this case more complex, he had previously used the exceptional hardship argument within a 3 year period. Exceptional hardship can only be used once in 3...

Driving Ban Avoided – No Attendance in Court

Driving Ban Avoided – No Attendance in Court

Our client was travelling 79mph in a 50mph zone. He was looking at a discretionary driving ban due to the nature of the speed. Our client was very worried about a potential driving ban so he instructed us. He is a support worker so required his vehicle to pick up...

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