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An injury to the eye can be caused by the area being hit and injured by an object, but can also include burns, cuts, scratches and irritation from liquids or smoke.

Fortunately the majority of eye injuries are minor, often appearing as scratches, cuts, or eye irritation; often caused by impact, or external irritants. Under these circumstances, victims may suffer from blurred vision, in one or both eyes, and this may be accompanied by irritation and pain; but the symptoms usually resolve themselves. Compensation for injuries of this kind tend to be between £2,500 – £5,500.

But consequences can be much worse. Some injuries can leave victims blinded, or can cause permanent, or partial vision loss. In severe cases, victims may even need an eye to be removed.

The Causes Can Include: 

Burns from fire, or flame proximity.
High speed impact from small projectiles.
Electric shock.
Chemical contact.
Grit or other particles.
Head trauma.
Air bag defects.
Laser eye surgery complications.

The severity and circumstances of the injury will largely dictate the amount of compensation received, but generally, if your vision is seriously and permanently affected in one eye, a compensation settlement can range from £5,500 – £25,000.

Where permanent, total blindness occurs in one eye, an eye injury claim compensation can attract up to £35,000, whilst permanent, total blindness in both eyes can see compensation awarded of up to £173,000.

Compensation you can claim for an eye injury will be broken down into the following:

Pain and suffering.
Financial losses.

The amount of compensation awarded for pain and suffering depends on the exact nature of your eye problem, how much pain it causes you, how long the symptoms last and how it affects your ability to enjoy your life.

If you have suffered an eye injury following an accident that wasn’t your fault, it’s vital that you contact a personal injury solicitor with experience in this area. They will assess the potential of success for your claim as well as providing an estimate on the potential compensation available to you.

This area of the law can potentially be extremely complicated so it’s important that the legal team representing you is experienced in all the intricacies of the law.

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