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The offence of "failure to stop or report an accident" applies to situations where a driver is involved in a road traffic accident and fails to stop at the scene or neglects to provide required information to anyone with reasonable grounds to ask for it.

As one of the busiest and most successful Motoring Offence Solicitors in the UK, Hadi Law Solicitors have over 30 years’ experience defending failure to stop and/or report an accident case. Our team has a 95% success rate when advising and representing clients charged with motoring offences.

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We are committed to being honest with our clients regarding the likely outcome of their case. If it is in your best interests to plead guilty and accept the penalty handed down by the Court, we will tell you so. However, if a defence is available, our Motoring Offence Solicitors will never give up until we achieve the best outcome possible for our clients. Furthermore, we provide support and reassurance throughout the entire legal process

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What is failure to stop at an accident?

If a driver is involved in a road traffic accident, they are legally obligated to stop their vehicle at the scene, regardless of whether the accident resulted in damage to persons or property. Failure to stop is a criminal offence.

If the accident results in injury, death, or damage to another vehicle or property, the driver must also provide their name and address, the vehicle's registration number, and the owner's name and address to anyone with reasonable grounds for requesting this information (e.g., the other driver, the police, or anyone directly involved in the accident).

Do I always have to report an accident?

If you are unable to exchange details at the scene of the accident, you must report the accident to the police within 24 hours.

What are the penalties for failing to stop or report an accident?

The penalties for failure to stop or report an accident can be severe. If convicted, you may face a fine, penalty points on your driving license, and, in some cases, disqualification from driving. The severity of the penalties can vary depending on the circumstances of the accident, such as whether it involved injury or death.

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Hadi Law Solicitors have helped thousands of clients across England and Wales who have been charged with failure to stop at an accident or failure to report an accident. Motoring law is extremely niche, and our Solicitors understand every aspect of it. Everyone at Hadi Law Solicitors is committed to providing honest and affordable advice, representation, and legal services. You can be confident that by instructing us, your best interests will be protected.

There are many reasons why people do not stop at or fail to report a motor vehicle accident. You may be elderly and/or vulnerable and afraid of what might happen if you tell the police about a road traffic incident. Or you may have been a victim of a car-jacking or similar event in the past which has made you terrified to stop in case the accident is being used as a mechanism to allow someone to get into your vehicle. We understand these reasons; therefore, you can trust that we will consider the circumstances of your case compassionately, present them persuasively to the Court, and focus on achieving the best outcome possible.

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