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The Immigration Law Solicitors at Hadi Law understand how important it is that your loved ones can join you in the UK. Our team have successfully advised and represented clients applying for family and partner visas for over 30 years’. We know how stressful being denied a family visa can be on you, your spouse and children, and/or your dependent adult relative. Therefore, our Immigration Law Solicitors are fully committed to ensuring your application is approved. If your family or partner visa application has been refused, you can be confident that we will leave no stone unturned in our work to get UK Visas and Immigration to reverse their decision and approve your application. We can also represent you if another law firm handled your initial application and it was refused.

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“They are always accurate and highly experienced in their job ,they always keep to an appointment and give you service beyond your expectations I will recommend my relatives and friends to their office, thank you so much Hadi Law Solicitors who had planted joy and peace in my family by letting them joining me here in UK after many years of battles for them to joining me failed but when I met Hadi laws solicitors, it was sorted out without delay, thank you once again.”

You can trust that our Immigration Family and Partner Visa Solicitors will always protect your best interests. We will work effectively and efficiently to achieve the results you want.

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Spouse/Civil Partnership Visa

To qualify for a Spouse or Civil Partnership Visa, the sponsoring spouse or civil partner must be a UK or Irish citizen or have Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), EU Settled Status, or have been granted asylum or humanitarian protection. As a couple, you must meet the minimum income requirement and show that you are in a genuine marriage or civil partnership that is recognised in the UK. The overseas-born spouse must also have a good knowledge of English

Unmarried Partner Visa

The eligibility criteria to successfully get a UK Unmarried Partner Visa is essentially the same as a Spouse or Civil Partnership Visa except instead of a marriage certificate you must provide evidence that you have been living together in a relationship for at least two years. This could include a tenancy or mortgage agreement, letters from family and friends, messages that show you have kept in touch whilst living apart, and joint utility bills.

Human Rights Claims

In some cases, it is appropriate to make a human rights claim when applying for a family or partner visa. The most common type of claim is under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) (right to private and family life). Common examples of people who make human rights claims are the migrant parent/s of a child who is a UK citizen, those who have exhausted their appeal rights and are including a human rights submission in a fresh claim, people who have lived in the UK for many years (normally 20 years), or applicants aged between 18-24 who have lived in the UK for over half their lives.

Ancestry Visa

You can apply for an Ancestry Visa if you are a

and one of your grandparents was born on the UK, Channel Islands, or the Isle of Man or in what is now Ireland before 31 March 1922. You must also be at least 17 years old, have enough money to support yourself, and plan to work in the UK.

Other family law visas

There are several other family visas we can assist you with, including making an application on behalf of a sick or dependent adult relative, as the parent of a child who is under 18 and a UK citizen, and a child wanting to join a parent living in the UK. These types of visas all have different eligibility requirements. Our Immigration Law Solicitors can expertly assist you with your application or challenge a refusal by UK Visas and Immigration.

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