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First Motor Offence: What You Need to Know

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First Motor Offence

If you are convicted of your first motor offence, the process can be quite confusing. Many drivers are completely unfamiliar with the motoring laws in England and Wales and what penalties these carry.


The fine for a motor offence depends on the nature of the offence. With minor driving offences, drivers will be offered a fix penalty of £100 and penalty points on their licence. For serious offences, a fine of up to £2500 can be imposed.

Penalty Points

Along with paying a fine, most motor offences carry penalty points which will be endorsed onto the driving licence. Minor offences carry 3 penalty points, whereas serious motor offences such as driving without insurance or using a mobile phone whilst driving carries 6 penalty points.

Driving Disqualification (Driving Ban)

If a driver has been driving for two or more years and reaches 12 or more points onto their licence, the court can impose a mandatory driving disqualification for a minimum of 6 months. This is known as a ‘totting-up’ disqualification. It is therefore possible to face a 6 month ban with only one previous conviction.

Driving Revocation

If a new driver (held a driving for less than 2 years) reaches 6 or more penalty points, their driving licence can be revoked. This effectively means that the driving licence has been cancelled by the DVLA. They would have to retake the theory and practical driving test.

Speed Awareness

If your first offence is a low-level speeding offence, you could be offered a speed awareness course. You must meet certain criteria to be offered this course. This is also down to the discretion of the Police to offer this. If the speed awareness course is completed, penalty points will not be endorsed onto the licence.

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