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Future Pay – Terms and Conditions

What are Futurepay payments and how do they work?

A Future pay payment is a recurring payment similar to Standing Orders and Direct Debits where you arrange to get funds debited from your debit or credit card rather than from your bank account.

Recurring payment agreements can be set up to make ongoing payments on a repeat or regular basis for ongoing subscriptions, contracts, memberships, or payment by instalment for products / services available.

Once an agreement is created, you will be provided with a Future Pay Agreement ID and can view payments in the Shopper Management System (SMS) on the Worldpay website.

Please note, any contract is between you and Hadi Law Ltd rather than with Worldpay.

How often will Futurepay payments be made?

Once your agreement has been set up, payments with Hadi Law Ltd will automatically be collected in monthly instalments over a specific time.  The arrangement will be communicated to you via email before our services commence.

How to cancel any Futurepay agreement

A recurring payment (FuturePay) Agreement can be cancelled by you or through Hadi Law Ltd.

Worldpay is unable to cancel your order/agreement or to provide you with a refund. To cancel the agreement yourself:

  • Login to the Shopper Management System
  • The Recurring Payments (FuturePay) Shopper Home page is displayed
  • Under the Agreement ID column, select the hypertext displaying the Agreement ID for the agreement you want to cancel.
  • The Recurring Payments (FuturePay) Agreement details page is displayed
  • Double check that the agreement on your screen is the agreement you want to cancel
  • Select Cancel
  • The Cancellation Confirmation page is displayed
  • Select the Yes button to cancel the agreement. If you do not wish to cancel the agreement, select either Go back to agreement or Go back to home page

If you have more than one agreement, please ensure you select the correct agreement as once an agreement is cancelled it cannot be reinstated. If you cancel the incorrect agreement, please contact Hadi Law Ltd and ask them to set up a replacement agreement. Worldpay are unable to set up a new agreement for you.

If a service agreement contract is breached by the cancellation of a recurring payment before the services have been paid for in full, Hadi Law Ltd reserve the right to take the necessary action to recover any monies owed to Hadi Law Ltd or cancel our services prior to completion.

We reserve the right to place our services on hold until payments are brought up to date in line with the original contract/agreement terms.

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