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At Hadi Law Solicitors, our Immigration Solicitors can assist you with obtaining a High Potential Individual (HPI) Visa and advise you on how you can remain in the UK once your visa has expired. The HPI Visa is designed to attract graduates from the world’s most prestigious universities to live and work in the UK without a job offer. For British businesses, the HPI Visa allows employers to access a wide range of supremely talented graduates from all over the globe.

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“Everyone was really helpful. It was such a smooth and professional service. I highly recommend this process to anyone thinking of using this team.”

Our Solicitors have an in-depth understanding of business and immigration law. We are fully regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and the Law Society of England and Wales and governed by strict regulations and codes of conduct. Therefore, you can trust that we will be scrupulously honest when giving you advice and let you know if the HPI Visa is suitable for you. If it is not, we will proactively look at other visa options that will allow you to realise your career ambitions in the UK.

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Am I eligible for a High Potential Individual Visa?

To qualify, you must also show:

Can I bring my family members to the UK on an HPI Visa?

You can bring your dependent family members to the UK. A dependent is defined as:

You will need to provide proof of your relationship and show that you can support your dependents financially whilst you are in the UK. In addition, you will have to pay the healthcare surcharge for each person coming to the UK.

How long can I stay in the UK on an HPI visa?

You can live and work in the UK for two years. Those with a PhD or other doctoral qualifications can stay for three years. Although the HPI Visa cannot be renewed upon expiry, you may be able to switch to another type of visa, such as the Skilled Worker Visa.

Why choose Hadi Law?

Hadi Law Solicitors have helped thousands of clients across England and Wales successfully apply for a Health and Care Worker Visa. We are committed to providing you with honest and affordable advice, representation, and legal services. Our Immigration Law Solicitors will help you collate all the documents you need to make a successful application and support you throughout your qualifying period if you wish to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain and British Citizenship.

“Hadi Law Solicitors are great professionals, they are really experienced and informative. Especially Katie and Sana, they have been showing support since the start. Really impressed with the customer service. Will be using them for the future.”

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