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Appealing an immigration decision can be daunting. By instructing our Immigration Law Solicitors, you can be confident of receiving support from professional, SRA-regulated solicitors with a wealth of experience in bringing appeals to the Tribunal and higher courts. We will meticulously prepare your case and instruct the best Immigration Law Barristers to represent you if the matter proceeds to the Tribunal.

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“Hadi Law Solicitors are great professionals; they are really experienced and informative. Especially Katie and Sana they have been showing support since the start. Really impressed with the customer service. Will be using them for the future.”

Honesty and commitment are the core values of our practice. We will frankly inform you of your chances of successfully bringing an immigration appeal. If this is not the best route to resolve your refusal, we will let you know and advise you on alternative courses of action such as Administrative Review or Judicial Review. You can trust that we will keep you informed of the progress of your case and be available to answer your questions.

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Can I appeal any immigration law decision?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Below are some examples of immigration decisions that can be appealed:

There are more examples of appealable immigration decisions than those listed above. Our Immigration Appeal Solicitors will carefully listen to your immigration history and swiftly let you know if you have a right of appeal.

Can I make an urgent immigration appeal?

If your matter is urgent, our team can organise an urgent immigration appeal. You must provide written evidence as to why the matter is urgent and provide proof of compelling and/or compassionate grounds. This could include a letter from your doctor or a mental health professional.

Our Immigration Appeals Solicitors will gather the documents required and write persuasively to the Home Office to grant you an urgent appeal.

How long do I have to appeal an immigration decision?

You have 14 days to lodge an appeal if you are already inside the UK. If you are appealing outside the country, you have 28 days. Missing the deadline is serious, it is up to the Tribunal whether or not your appeal will still be heard. To avoid the complications associated with a late application, contact us as soon as you receive your refusal letter.

How we can help

Hadi Law Solicitors have advised thousands of clients on immigration law matters and there are few situations that we have not seen before. We are committed to providing you with honest and affordable advice, representation, and legal services. By instructing us, you can be confident that we will tenaciously pursue every avenue to successfully appeal your immigration decision so you can move forward with your life.

“Best customer service and they try their best to get the job done. I would 100% recommend Hadi Law if anyone wants to seek any advice. Especially regarding visas and immigration. So far they are best in the town.”

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