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Immigration – What Happens If Labour Win?

One of the most emotive topics in the UK 2024 general election is immigration. With Labour widely predicted to win, it is helpful to set out the party’s policy on immigration and borders and how this will impact those wanting to come to the UK on a work, family, or other type of visa.

Before examining Labour’s immigration strategy, let us look at some statistics to understand the current immigration terrain in the UK.

As an Immigration Law Solicitor, I see these statistics as a positive sign that the UK remains an exceptionally attractive place for work and study, and despite the negativity in the media, almost three-quarters of asylum and humanitarian applications are granted by the Home Office.

What are Labour’s Plans Concerning Immigration?

The official Labour policy document on immigration states that Labour plans to reduce net migration by improving training and opportunities for British workers. Its four-point strategy provides that the party will:

With regards to securing the UK’s borders, Labour will:

A new role of Border Security Commander will be established, and they will be supported by hundreds of “specialist investigators, intelligence agents and cross-border police officers, who will support the Border Security Command unit and work across the UK and Europe, split across multiple agencies, including the National Crime Agency, MI5, Border Force, CPS International and Immigration Enforcement.”

What are the Criticisms of Labour’s Immigration Strategy?

Critics of Labour’s immigration and asylum policy point out that Sir Keir Stamer and Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper refuse to commit to a figure when it comes to outlining the extent to which they will reduce net migration. Also, refugee charities state the strategy does not address the need for safe and secure routes for those fleeing war and persecution, meaning asylum seekers have no choice but to put themselves in the hands of ruthless people smugglers.


When it comes to reducing the number of people being granted visas, Labour faces the same elephant in the room that the Conservatives have battled with for the past 14 years – as a country with a declining birth rate and rapidly ageing population; the UK needs high levels of immigration not only to fill skill shortages, but to ensure enough taxes are being paid into the Treasury’s coffers to fund schools, the NHS, infrastructure, policing and security, and everything else whoever is in charge of the country must pay for. 

As the statistics listed at the beginning of this article show, asylum seekers make up a tiny number of those overseas nationals coming to the UK. The vast majority come because they are asked by an employer or a Higher Education Institution (by way of being offered a place on a course). 

Even those granted family visas are generally of working age, and those who are children will one day grow up and may well work and pay taxes in the country they have called home for most of their childhood. As things stand at the moment, the UK government and businesses need and want foreign nationals more than ever, and this fact is unlikely to change anytime soon. 


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