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Medical Negligence

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Medical Negligence Solicitors

Medical Negligence can occur at any point whilst receiving medical attention from a medical professional. This is when they fail in their duty of care to you, this can cause an injury or make an existing condition worse. A few common examples of Medical Negligence:

All Medical Professionals have a duty of care towards their patients, when this is compromised, negligence can occur.

How Does A Medical Negligence Claim Work?

For a Medical Negligence claim to be successful we must be able to prove that the treatment received was substandard and the expert breached their duty of care owed to you.

We would review your medical records alongside a team of medical professionals. Thereafter, a qualified experienced doctor, will provide a detailed report identifying the breach.

What Could I Be Entitled To?

Compensation varies from case to case. It depends on the damage caused and the effect this may have on your life long term. Below are some examples of what you could claim for:

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