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At Hadi Law Solicitors, our team of Business Immigration Lawyers is committed to aiding you in obtaining a Minister of Religion Visa and exploring options that will allow you to stay in the UK after your visa expires. We support businesses and visa applicants though the visa process and have a robust reputation for achieving successful results.

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As a law firm regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and the Law Society of England and Wales, our commitment to strict regulations ensures a superior level of client care, instilling confidence in our services. The head of our immigration law department has over 20 years of experience and leads a team dedicated to achieving client objectives.

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Can I get a UK Minister of Religion Visa?

You are eligible to apply for a Minister of Religion visa (T2) if:

Your sponsor assesses your suitability for the role and if it aligns with visa qualifications. They will provide a certificate of sponsorship to verify this information. Additionally, they will furnish other essential details required for your application, such as your prospective salary.

How long can I stay in the UK?

You are eligible to enter the UK on a Minister of Religion visa (T2) for a maximum of up to three years and one month or the duration specified on your certificate of sponsorship plus an additional 14 days, whichever is briefer.

You have the option to request an extension of your stay.

Following a continuous period of five years, you might qualify to apply for permanent settlement in the UK, known as 'indefinite leave to remain.' This status grants you the freedom to live, work, and study in the country for an indefinite period, and allows eligibility for applicable benefits.

How much money do I need to support myself on a Minister of Religion Visa?

You must demonstrate a minimum of £1,270 in your bank account as proof of your ability to support yourself in the UK. This fund should have been consistently available for a continuous period of at least 28 days. The 28th day must fall within 31 days of your visa application.

Typically, you will be required to provide evidence of this unless:

If you bring your spouse, partner, and/or dependent children with you to the UK, you will need to provide evidence that you can financially support them as you will not be eligible for any government benefits.

Can I apply for a second job?

Yes, you have the option to pursue a secondary job while on this visa if you are already working for up to 20 hours a week in either:

Voluntary unpaid work is also permitted.

If your second job is not within the above parameters, securing a new visa is necessary. You will need sponsorship from your second employer and obtain a fresh certificate of sponsorship.

Why choose us?

Hadi Law Solicitors have assisted numerous clients across England and Wales in successfully securing a UK Minister of Religion Visa. We are dedicated to offering candid and cost-effective advice, legal representation, and services. Our Business Immigration Law Solicitors will assist you in compiling all necessary documents for a successful application and provide support throughout your qualifying period if you are considering applying for Settlement.

“Hadi Law Solicitors did an amazing job with our visa application, they were thorough and easy to talk with, I researched which solicitors were best before hand and the research was worth it, although the home office took such a long time Hadi Law proved to be the best choice! I'm so thankful for Hadi Law, everyone I spoke to showed professionalism, empathy and knowledge. Thank you Hadi Law Solicitors for everything. A special thank you to Zeemal and Ivan Sou.”

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