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Mitigation. We Can Explore Ways To Help Reduce The Severity Of Your Motor Offence.

By pleading guilty we can help you put forward a case due to your circumstances.

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What Is Mitigation?

Mitigation is the action of reducing the severity or seriousness of something. With regards to a motor offence, Mitigation could be used to help reduce the seriousness of a motor offence charge.

If you plead guilty to a motor offence, you can put forward mitigation to try and minimise the penalty. When you put forward a plea of mitigation, you are admitting to the motor offence but asking the courts to consider your personal circumstances.

Examples of Mitigation

When putting forward mitigation, we recommend mentioning some of the below:

Character references are particularly effective when putting forward mitigation. Below are some examples of who to consider when getting a character reference:

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