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We Defend You Against Discretionary Bans in High-Speed Offences

Worried About the Prospect of a Driving Disqualification? If you have concerns about losing your licence or receiving penalty points, we are here to create a strong mitigation strategy to argue for penalty points instead of disqualification.

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What is a discretionary driving ban?

A Discretionary driving ban can be imposed by the magistrates for high speeding offences. These types of disqualifications do not have a set period. The guidelines suggest a disqualification can range from 7-56 days, this is covered under Section 34 of the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988.

This would ultimately be down to the Magistrates. If you receive a disqualification, you will not receive any penalty points.

How will I know if I am at risk?

If you are at risk of a discretionary driving disqualification, you will receive a Single Justice Procedure Notice (SJPN) through the post rather than a conditional offer. This is where you decide how you wish to plead.

We strongly recommend contacting a Solicitor as soon as you receive the SJPN to obtain legal advice before entering a plea. You only have 21 days from the date it was generated to reply to the SJPN so you must not delay.

How can Hadi Law Solicitors help me?

If you are at risk of a discretionary driving disqualification, we can certainly help. We can put a strong and robust mitigation together to advocate for penalty points rather than a disqualification.

Our main aim is to avoid the driving disqualification and for the licence to be endorsed instead.

If you have received a SJPN or you are at risk of a discretionary driving disqualification, contact us straight away, on 01772 447000 or reach out to us on our 7 day a week WhatsApp helpline 07869760533

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