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Driving With No Insurance

It is a driving offence to operate a motor vehicle on a road or public place if the driver is NOT covered by third party insurance.

If you are caught driving without insurance, your licence could be endorsed with 6-8 penalty points and a fine of up to £5000.

Even if you are caught driving without insurance, you could still defend this. It is a defence to prove you held valid car insurance. If you were driving a company vehicle, you may not have been aware you were not covered.


What Are The Penalties For Driving With No Insurance?

The penalty for driving with no insurance is an endorsement of between 6 – 8 penalty points. There is also a fine for driving with no insurance which could be up to £5000.

If you have 6 or more points and have been caught driving with no insurance, you are at risk of reaching 12 points on your driving licence which is known as a ‘totting up’ ban. If you reach 12 points on your licence, you could be at risk of a 6-month driving ban.


How We Can Help

We specialise in representing clients who are ‘totting up’ to 12 points. We have proven methods to help reduce or completely avoid driving bans for our clients.

Our court success rate is 95%.

If you have received a notice of intended prosecution, fixed penalty notice or single justice procedure notice, your court process has already began.

Your next step is either call the team on 01772 447000 or request a free call back. An expert motoring offence team member will then contact you and talk you through your current situation and recommend on how to proceed. Or reach out to us on our 7 day a week WhatsApp helpline 07869760533.

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