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We Can Assist You in Embracing Reasonable Diligence

Our expertise lies in defending allegations of failing to name the driver. We have a strong record of achieving favourable outcomes in persuading the police to take no further action or resolving the matter without the need for a trial in court.

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Reasonable Diligence

Reasonable Diligence ( Due diligence) is often linked to the Company ‘failing to name the driver’. For this offence, you will have to show that despite reasonable diligence why you are unsure who to name as the driver.

Every case is judged on its own merit and there are no guidelines from the courts.To use this defence you will have to show that on the balance of probability, you have done everything you can to work out who was driving.

How to show Reasonable Diligence

If you have any questions regarding reasonable diligence or have been charged with failing to name the driver, call us on 01772 447000 or reach out to us on our 7 day a week WhatsApp helpline 07869760533.

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