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The People At The Magistrates Court

There are many people who are involved on the day of the court

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The General public

Courts are often open to the public so they can view proceedings. There may be instances when the courts are shut to the public but generally they are open freely to the public.

Court Usher

A court Usher’s role is to ensure everyone involved in the court case is present and understands their responsibilities. They make sure the hearing runs as smoothly as possible.

Crown Prosecution Service

The crown prosecution service ( CPS) attends court to present the prosecution’s case to the court.

Defence Barrister

A defence Barristers role is to present your case to the court in the best possible way. They are experts in the motor offence field. They can advise on possible sentencing as well as different plea options.


The Magistrates role is to decide whether you are guilty or not guilty of the alleged offence. They also decide what sentence to impose and any potential fines.

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