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Are you at risk of a driving ban? With a 95% court success rate, let the best motor offence solicitors save your licence.

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Motor Offence Lawyer London

We are expert motor offence solicitors covering England and Wales. We understand how concerned you may be; losing your licence or having to pay a hefty fine can have a significant effect. This can affect your personal life and even result in potentially losing your job! Hadi Law Solicitors has a specialist team in road traffic offence cases. By instructing a Motoring Solicitor, we can help present the best defence to help avoid conviction. In the event of a conviction, we can help reduce any points and reduce any potential fines. Call the best motor offence solicitors near you.

Our Specialisations in Driving Defence Cases

Can You Defend My Motoring Offence?

Driving laws are designed to keep roads safe for everyone who uses them in the UK. We believe these laws are fair and designed to ensure safety whilst on the road. However, we believe the penalties for breaking these laws can be quite harsh.

If you are found guilty of a driving offence, the Law demands you receive penalty points on your licence. If you receive a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) for any driving offence and you don’t believe you’re guilty, contact an expert Motor Offence Solicitor.

With the rules while driving are quite clear, not every motoring offence is that definitive.

We have helped defend drivers over the years by just challenging the strength of evidence against them! If you are caught speeding, these can be defended if the signs are not visible to the driver.

A charge of running a red light can sometimes be defended as these rely heavily on witness testimony.

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