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At Hadi Law Solicitors, our Immigration Lawyers can assist you with obtaining a Standard Visitor Visa. We have positively advised thousands of clients on immigration law matters over the past decade. We understand the many reasons UK Visas and Immigration refuse to grant Standard Visitor Visas and will provide rapid advice and assistance to have your refusal overturned so you can enter the UK.

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“I recently used Hadi Law for immigration matter. I would like to thank everyone at Hadi Law Solicitors for their excellent work, professionalism, kindness and understanding. Thank you for sorting this out in such a quick and friendly manner. Your advice at every step was really good.”

As a team, we are committed to being honest with our clients about their prospects of success. We will take the time to listen to your situation and if applying for a Standard Visitor Visa or challenging a decision is not the right route for you, we will suggest alternatives. We understand how important it is to ensure you understand the choices available to you. Therefore, we provide legal advice that achieves results.

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Below are some frequent questions regarding Standard Visitor Visas.

Do I need a Standard Visitor Visa to come to the UK?

There are many countries where the UK does not require citizens to obtain a Standard Visitor Visa before entering the UK. These include all countries in the EU/EEA, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and the USA. If you are unsure about whether you require a Standard Visitor Visa, you can check here.

What is a Standard Visitor Visa?

A Standard Visitor Visa allows you to stay in the UK for up to six months so you can:

What are the eligibility requirements for a Standard Visitor Visa?

The most important eligibility requirement for a Standard Visitor Visa is that you can prove that you will leave the UK before or at the end of your visa’s expiry date. You must also show that:

How much does a Standard Visitor Visa cost?

You must pay £100 for a six-month visa. You can apply up to three months before you travel.

What should I do if my Standard Visitor Visa application is refused?

If your application is refused please contact us immediately. Our Immigration Law Solicitors will carefully review the reason for your refusal and advise on the best course of action. In most cases, the first action we will take is to send UK Visas and Immigration a Letter Before Claim which will explain why you think the decision to refuse your application was wrong. In many cases, UK Visas and Immigration will reverse their refusal decision and grant your visa upon receipt of this letter.

Other routes available is to challenge the refusal on human rights grounds or apply for a Judicial Review of the decision.

Hadi Law Solicitors have helped thousands of clients across England and Wales. We are committed to providing you with honest and affordable advice, representation, and legal services. We care about achieving the results you want and are here for you when it matters most.

“Hadi law Solicitors are great professionals, they are really experienced and informative. Especially Katie and Sana who have been showing support since the start. Really impressed with the customer service. Will be using them for the future.”

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