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The Hadi Law Solicitors team understands the enormous personal impact of being a stateless person. Our team fully supports the United Nations Refugee Agency in its commitment to end statelessness. If you are a stateless person, you can have full assurance that, when it comes to assisting you with your application to remain in the UK, we will provide you with comprehensive information and can manage the procedure on your behalf. In the event of an application rejection, we will offer clear and candid guidance on the most appropriate courses of action to consider.

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We are dedicated to providing candid assessments of our clients' chances of success in obtaining leave to remain under the stateless person route. Our Immigration Law Solicitors will provide expert legal advice and if this path does not align with your circumstances, we will propose viable alternatives. We are acutely aware of the paramount importance of ensuring you understand the array of immigration routes that may be available to you. Consequently, we provide legal counsel that not only delivers positive outcomes but also equips you with the knowledge required to make informed decisions to protect your best interests

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Stateless person FAQs

What is a stateless person?

A stateless person is someone who does not possess the nationality or citizenship of any country. This means that they are not recognised as a citizen by any government, and they lack the legal rights and protections that citizenship typically affords. Stateless people often find themselves in a precarious and vulnerable position, as they may face restrictions on their mobility, limited access to essential services, and a lack of legal documentation, such as passports or national identification cards. Statelessness can occur for various reasons, including gaps in nationality laws, discriminatory practices, or the dissolution of states, leaving certain populations without a recognised nationality.

What are the consequences of being stateless?

Statelessness can have severe consequences for those affected. Without citizenship, stateless individuals may be unable to access education, healthcare, employment, or own property. They are often at risk of being marginalised, exploited, and denied basic human rights. Stateless people may also encounter difficulties in crossing international borders, and if they get in trouble in a foreign country, they cannot rely on the government of their home country to provide any assistance or protection.

How can I apply to stay in the UK as a stateless person?

You are eligible to seek permission to remain in the UK as a stateless person if you meet the following criteria:

To apply, you must be currently living in the UK. If you are unable to return to another country due to the fear of persecution, it is advisable to initiate the process of seeking asylum as a first step. If you have already filed an asylum claim or have a pending human rights claim, you should wait for a decision before applying to remain as a stateless person. Even if your asylum application is refused, you can apply to stay in the UK as a stateless person.

How long can I stay in the UK?

If your application for permission to remain (referred to as 'leave to remain') is approved, you can typically stay in the UK for a period of five years. When your leave to remain expires, you may have the option to apply for settlement

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