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The Hadi Foundation

We understand our role to help change lives for good.

Our aim is to help change lives for good.

About The Hadi Foundation

Our mission is to make a difference to our clients but also extends to the wider community. We are committed to improving the world around us wherever possible. This is why we have established the Hadi Foundation, a charity arm of our group of businesses. Each year we at the Hadi Foundation spend thousands of pounds to;

  • Improve the lives of people affected by poverty.
  • Disasters by giving food.
  • Clean water.
  • Healthcare.
  • Emergency relief.
  • Tackling viruses.
  • Climate change.
  • Education.
  • Livelihoods.

The Foundation is an important part of who we are. Over the past decade, we have contributed hundreds of thousands of pounds to charities around the world.

Charities We Support

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