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Certain people who want to visit the UK need to acquire a Visitor Visa. At Hadi Law, we have successfully advised and represented clients applying for UK Visitor Visas for over 30 years. We know how stressful being denied a Visitor Visa can be. Therefore, our Immigration Law Solicitors are fully committed to ensuring your application is approved. We can also provide expert advice and representation if your Visitor Visa application has been refused. Our Immigration Law Solicitors will fight tenaciously to have the refusal overturned so you can enter the UK.

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“They are always accurate and highly experienced in their job ,they always keep to an appointment and give you service beyond your expectations I will recommend my relatives and friends to their office, thank you so much Hadi Law Solicitors who had planted joy and peace in my family by letting them joining me here in UK after many years of battles for them to joining me failed but when I met Hadi laws solicitors, it was sorted out without delay, thank you once again.” - Mark Iwuchukwu

You can trust that our Immigration Visit Visa Solicitors will always act in your best interests. We will work effectively and efficiently to achieve the results you want.

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Standard Visitor Visa

A Standard Visitor Visa allows you to stay in the UK for up to six months so you can:

To qualify for a Standard Visit Visa, you need to provide evidence that:

Standard Visitor Visas are often refused because the applicant cannot provide evidence that they meet the above conditions, or their immigration history makes immigration officials suspicious as to whether or not the applicant will leave the country after six months. Our Immigration Law Solicitors will provide the advice you need to have the best chance of submitting a successful application with the correct supporting documentation.

Marriage Visitor Visa

If you want to get married or register a Civil Partnership in the UK, you may need a Marriage Visitor Visa. If you qualify, you must get married or register your Civil Partnership within six months of arriving in the UK. Unless it is in relation to your own overseas profession (for example, attending a meeting), you cannot work. You are also not permitted to undertake a course of study.

To be eligible for a Marriage Visitor Visa you must show:

Getting married or registering a Civil Partnership is one of the most important milestones of your life. Our Immigration Law Solicitors will take the worry of securing a visa off your shoulders so you can concentrate on your wedding plans.

S2 Healthcare Visitor Visa

If you have been authorised to receive planned healthcare treatment in the UK under the EU/EEA S2 arrangement or are accompanying someone who has been authorised in order to provide care and support, you can enter and remain the UK on a S2 Healthcare Visa.

As the UK is no longer part of the EU/EEA, you must have requested authorisation to receive planned healthcare treatment under the S2 arrangement by 31 December 2020

Permitted Paid Engagement

Experts in their profession who have been invited to the UK by a British based client or company can apply for a Permitted Paid Engagement Visa which will allow them to enter and remain in the country for one month.

Examples of situations where a person may need a Paid Permitted Engagement Visa includes:

You will need to include a formal letter of invitation by the client or organisation who has invited you to the UK in your application as well as meet all other eligibility requirements.


In some cases, you will need a Transit Visa to pass through the UK on your way to another country. This is not required if you have an EU Family Permit, a Standard Visitor Visa, a Marriage Visitor Visa, or a Home Office travel document.

The type of Transit Visa you will need depends on whether you are required to go through UK Border control.

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